• Digital Marketing

  • Just because you build a website doesn't mean potential customers will come to your site or even find you for that matter; just building a website won't create a web presence these days. Getting ranked on the first page of Google requires a lot of strategy and work with over 200 ranking factors to consider. For small businesses when you're the CEO, Administration, Accountant, Operator, Sales and Marketing person it's hard to find the time to spend hours each day working on Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns.

    That's why I Luv Web is here to help; we will get you started by helping you understand the best way to get ranked, we'll work with you discussing which social media to use for your target audience, we'll help you set your accounts and even brand them for you. We can either then train you to maintain your accounts in case you're not social media saavy or update them for you.

    If you already have a website and feel it's not getting the search engine results you want we can give your site an SEO checkup and work with you to help your website move up in the ranks.

  • Digital Content & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Content is key for climbing up the ranks in Google, however, it's important to create the right content and you need to ensure your site is optomized to help boost those rankings.  SEO takes patience, research and a lot of work and sometimes it take months before you start seeing any results from your hard work. At I Luv Web we can help you work on running your business while we work on ranking your business.  Our team of professional digital marketing specialists will ensure your site is optimized for the right keywords/phrases, generate new backlinks and contains quality content that search engines like.

  • How It Helps Your Business

    Search engines require sites to follow certain rules or principles in order to be ranked or indexed. SEO helps the Search Engine Robot figure out what each page is about and how it's content can be useful to users then it ranks the data according to its relevance and importance.

  • Short Term Benefits

    Without SEO, a website will be invisible to search engines. Getting the technical details of search engine-friendly web development correct is very important to ensure your site starts to get indexed.  Our SEO Check up services will ensure your site has everything it needs to start getting noticed.

  • Long Term Benefits

    Search engines don't have a formula to gauge the quality of content on a site. They rely on the metrics of relevance and importance, which are measured by tracking what people do i.e. linking to a site, commenting, etc.. The higher your metrics are over time the higher your site will start to rank.  Our experienced team will work on building up your site's importance so your company site will start to move up the ranks.

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Looking to promote a sale or new product and want to run a marketing campaign? We can help you decide the best media outlets, create your advert and help you generate Email Blasts or create an online advertising campaign through online advertising accounts such as Google AdWords, Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. We understand small businesses have small budgets and it's important to make every dollar count, so we'll advise you on getting the best bang for your buck and help you to reach your target audience.