• Identity & Branding

  • Businesses try to distinguish themselves from one another by developing branding and identity strategies. While these may sound the same--and they do share certain similarities--the corporate brand and corporate identity are two different things. Understanding how the brand and identity can help your business stay on message can help get your company's values across to the consumer.

  • Identity

    A business' identity relates primarily to internal factors that show how the business is run--how it's organized, its ethics, its "look" and how it integrates into the business world comprise its identity. The identity offers the observer distinguishing characteristics that separate it from other, similar businesses. The quality and focus of the product -- in addition to its uniqueness -- contributes to corporate identity. Identity is often represented by a logo, or picture. 

    Need help on identifying what makes your business unique or assistance with your business processes to ensure your customer receives the best quality or service?  Call I Luv Web and we will sit down with you to evaluate your strengths and opportunities to help your business grow.

  • Branding

    Consider the branding and logo design of your business to be its personality.  The stronger that personality is, the more people will be drawn to it.

    Brand associations can, and often do, evoke strong feelings and opinions about a business, product and/or service. It's been proven that the majority of consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotion, doesn't it just make sense to use your brand to create a connection with your customers?

    I Luv Web takes the time to listen and learn what is important and unique about your business. We then take that knowledge and use it to come up with a logo design that represents your companies brand values and will make a good impression on your clients.

    We can also help you to further develop your brand by helping with your corporate or company colors, fonts, a logo, a tagline or slogan, signage, marketing materials, promotional items, products, packaging, anything visual that reflects your business.

  • Some Brands I Luv Web Has Worked With