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  • Bruhub

  • The owners of Bruhub are good friends of the I Luv Web's and we were delighted to work with them on their new start-up business offering office coffee services and coffee catering in Calgary.  The owner, Payal, is another designer but she felt more comfortable working with us to get their new website designed rather than taking on the project themselves.  We worked very closely with Payal, working through layouts and functionality to ensure both owner's where happy with the layout, colors and abilities of the new site.

    With many new start ups there's a lot to manage and to ensure Bruhub optimized their new website for SEO the manager also contracted I Luv Web to help write the website content.  Once the site went live the listing for Bruhub started on page 8 for office coffee services.  After I Luv Web optimized the site it's now listed on page three. 

  • Bruhub elected to manage the site themselves once it was done so we set up a number of one on one sessions to train the manager on how to update the site.  We're delighted to report after seven months from starting the business Bruhub has a number of successful contracts with their company and we wish them the best of luck for the future.

  • Identity & Branding

    Bruhub offers business to business coffee services using machines that our eco-friendly which means there's no pods or waste when you use their machines.  In order to represent the brands unique selling points brown was a natural choice for the coffee but all of us felt it was important to highlight the eco-friendly machines so green was incorporated into the brand colors.

  • Responsive Website

    If you're a start up company and you're trying to get your name out there it's important to have a website that's user friendly on every device. For example, you never know if your potential customer is out of the office when you send that all important email with your details, so if their using their mobile phone to look at your site and it's not user friendly it's the quickest way to lose that potential customer.