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  • Gray Aero Inc

  • Gray Aero came to I Luv Web through our business association with NCP Consulting who provides business and marketing consultation to start-ups and small businesses.  Gray Aero is a new start-up company in Calgary that provides industrial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) services such as inspections, volumetrics, site mapping, etc.  The company needed a logo, letterhead, business cards and a website.  I Luv Web worked closely with Nicki from NCP Consulting and Dave the CEO of Gray Aero to create a logo that incorporated a sleek modern look while incorporating the essence of a UAV.  Once we had the brand identity down I Luv Web began to work on the website.  The site needed clean, modern and informational while highlighting that Gray Aero's unique selling point was safety.

  • To help with SEO and security the site was set up with an SSL and a security plugin that would monitor and block any hacker attempts to the system.  Our team also worked with Gray Aero to create a video that showcased some of Gray Aero's technical services as well setting up some of the social media such as a LinkedIn page and Google Places.

    I Luv Web continues to maintain and update the site and we're looking forward to future developments with this exciting new company.

  • Identity & Branding

    The owner of Gray Aero really liked the green colours and using arrows in the brand identity.  The logo is representative of a UAV propeller in motion.  

  • Responsive Website

    The website design is simple and clean, since this picture we've now included a video to show some of the sophisticated technology Gray Aero uses for their services.