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  • Tara Construction Inc.

  • Tara Construction is the owner's husband's company so finding I Luv Web was pretty easy for him.  Ian the owner needed a logo, business cards, letterhead, website, adverts and social media.  It was important to highlight that Tara Construction was bonded, has insurance and WCB since a number of people in construction in Calgary are doing poor quality work, for most it's a side job for cash and if anything goes wrong the person hiring the individual has no protection.  It was also important to showcase Tara Construction's work to show potential clients the kind of quality they can come to expect they hire the company.

  • To ensure we showcased the company's work I Luv Web went to a number of Ian's construction projects and did before and after pictures. We've also included a client testimonial section so people looking at the site can see that the company has a number of clients and references that are positive.  

    I Luv Web also set up a few of the social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.  The plan is that Ian will help update the Facebook page and I Luv Web will maintain the site and other marketing aspects for the company.

  • Identity & Branding

    The name of the company is the name of his family home in Ireland so we wanted to ensure that his logo incorporated his Irish heritage but also had something to do with wood since he's been a carpenter for over 17 years.  The celtic tree seemed a fitting choice and Ian really liked the two colours of blue. I Luv Web also liked that the colour since blue indicates trust which is something Tara Construction would like to be know for when his company builds up it's reputation.  Below are also some of the other branding we've done for the company including letterhead, an advert and a half wrap for his van.

  • Responsive Website

    Having a responsive website is key especially if you're showing a client your work.  Tara Constructions site enables them to quickly go to the site's gallery and see previous jobs no matter what device their using.

  • Social Media

    To help Ian with his SEO and marketing we set up a number of Social Media accounts that where branded with the same look and feel as the rest of his marketing materials.  Most of Tara Construction's work is shown through Facebook at the moment.